ClicknUpload News

Updates no. 6
January 25th, 2017


As most of you already aware there is no captcha since weeks now.

Main reason for updating is:
We just added multiple new file servers into the site and you will start getting better speed in coming days.

Thank you for using our service.

Few more Changes DONE
October 31th, 2016


1-We have added 4 digits easy captcha for GUESTS only (And 5 seconds counter removed) for limited time to stop BOTS on our network. Also new server network link updated so hopefully we will not see any issue in it.

2- Don't hesitate to contact us if you see any issue in site page loading or in download/upload speed.

Kind Regards
Support Team

New servers / New language (Added)
October 31th, 2016


We have added new servers recently and speed already improved.

Also 2 new languages added on site.

You can access indonesia language from here:

You can access german language from here:

Default Language English here:

Enjoy! Thank you for using our service.

Script update #3
June 16th, 2016


1. We finally completed our fileservers work. New servers also added into the service. You will get super fast uploading speed and download speed will be faster everyday from now on.

2. We are aware that currently site only offer 2 languages and we used to have 4 before on old script. We will try to add more in coming days.

3. SSL will be add soon on our site.

SSL added.

Kind Regards.

Script update #2
June 08th, 2016


We are still working on our service / site / script. Next step for SSL which also take time as we have to support our all fileservers for SSL. Huge data and we don't want to lose any. :)

Stay tuned for more updates.

Script updated with new template
June 08th, 2016


As you already notice that we updated our script and template. Work still going on in back end and we are working hard to give you super fast download and upload speed and after that we will work on SSL.

We have planned to increase the PPD rates as well so stay tuned you will get lots of good news in coming days.

Kind Regards